Thursday, December 27, 2007

iPhone and Google Calendar Synchronoization

I suppose the best place to start this new blog would be to talk about my new love in life. She's a beaut.

Now that I am four days into this relationship, I have managed to give the iPhone a thorough run through. Now I must also say that I am a big Google fanboy. Perhaps it is the small ownership that I have in the company, but I happen to love their products. The recent update that they made works very well on the iPhone. The only drawback that I have come too is the lack of integration with Google Calendar. Sure you can see your events, and do a Quick Add, but that is where the features stop.

After browsing the internet for an evening, and trying different setups, I have settled on SyncMyCal. Now it does not allow you too directly sync the Google Calendar with the iPhone, but it does allow for Downloading/Uploading calendar events with Outlook (which does directly synch with the iPhone).

Multiple synchronizations are not the most efficient, but so far I have found this method to work. It even allows you to manage multiple calenders.


Dustin said...

Okay, so seeing your name pop up in my Google Reader really freaked me out.

D said...

Boy, the commenter above sounds like he should be a team lead somewhere.